A List of R&D Focus Areas and Programs

Scenario Creation, Solution Creation

Promotion of integrated efforts in solving social issues from the creation of scenarios to the creation of solutions, in order to achieve the SDGs

Social Isolation & Loneliness

Promotion of R&D on the mechanisms, risk evaluation, and preventive measures of social isolation & loneliness

Digital Social Trust

Promotion of integrated efforts, from problem identification to solution, to form trust from social aspects for addressing issues that arise due to the advance of the information society

Responsible Innovation with Conscience and Agility

Promotion of R&D that addresses ethical, legal and social implications/issues (ELSI) in S&T comprehensively and practically

Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

Development of indicators and methodologies to establish evidence-based rational policy making processes

Human-Information Technology Ecosystem

Formation of functions that incorporate changes information technology brings about to technology and systems, to realize a society that embraces a harmonious relationship between information technology and humanity

Creating a Safe and Secure Living Environment in the Changing Public and Private Spheres

Creation of mechanisms and proposals of systems for the detection/support of harms and accidents in private spaces/relationships

Implementation-Support Program (Call for proposal Type)

Support for initiatives (implementation activities) which aim to solve specific problems in society through the application and deployment of R&D outcomes

Implementation-Support Program (R&D results integrated Type)

Further development and steadily expansion of outcomes and networks produced in focus areas

Designing a Sustainable Society through Intergenerational Co-creation

Towards sustainability by all generations

Creating Community-based Robust and Resilient Society

To make our society stronger and more resilient against large-scale disasters

Service Science, Solutions and Foundation Integrated Research Program

Bridging services and academia through the science of services

Redesigning Communities for Aged Society

Challenging the issues of aged society unprecedented in the world

Community-Based Actions against Global Warming and Environmental Degradation

Realistic climate change policy through flexible and laterally-integrated approaches

Protecting Children from Crime

Effective and sustainable efforts to protect children from crime

Science Technology and Humanity

Undercovering issues between science, technology and society, and pursuing a better relationship

Information Technology and Society

Identifying and minimizing the risks to our society delivered by information systems

Brain-Science and Society

Examination of various developmental issues to identify the fundamental problems in education

Sustainable Society

Research on "sustainable societies" in a broad sense by comprehensive approaches to global environmental problems

Social System & Social Technology Theory

Research that leads to the construction of social systems/institutions in contemporary societies

Safety and Security

Solutions to case-specific problems and formation of foundational knowledge related to safety and security

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