SNS Policy

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX) will send out information from the following official accounts in accordance with the policies listed below. In addition, social media use conforms to RISTEX Site Policy.

(1) X
(2) Facebook
(3) YouTube
Name: JST-RISTEX Channel

1. Basic Policy

We will post the following information on X and Facebook.

  • New announcements from RISTEX activities
  • Notification of events, etc. related to RISTEX activities
  • RISTEX-related information deemed appropriate by RISTEX

Regarding YouTube use:

  • For the release of videos regarding research solicitation of RISTEX activities
  • For the release of videos of events related to RISTEX activities
  • Live streaming related to RISTEX activities, etc.

2. Copyrights

The copyrights of all content (text, images, videos, audios, etc.) transmitted from the RISTEX official account belongs to JST or a third party who owns the rights, and is protected by the Copyright Act and other treaties and laws. Use of content without the permission of the copyright holder is limited to the extent permitted by the Copyright Act, such as for education, news reporting, and research, however, please be sure to include the copyright credit in such cases as well.

In the credit, please include the source (RISTEX), the year of publication or the year of posting (the year of access if unknown), etc.

Examples of Copyright Credit

(Source: 2021 RISTEX)
(Copyright 2021 RISTEX)
©2021 RISTEX

3. Others

Disclaimers and prohibitions are in accordance with the JST Social Media Policy.

4. Contact us

If you have any comments or questions, please go to the "Contact" section at the bottom of the website.

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