Organizational Structure

Under the leadership of its Director-General, RISTEX conducts R&D on science and technology for society within JST's Strategic Basic Research Programs system, and is also involved in administration related to other R&D with the following organizational structure.

Governing Board

The RISTEX Governing Board is composed of experts who discuss matters vital to the management of RISTEX such as setting, modifying, and terminating R&D Focus Areas/Programs.

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee is composed of experts who conduct mid-term and ex-post evaluations on the achievement of R&D goals and the progress.

Department of Planning and Management

Under its Director, the Department of Planning and Management conducts management of R&D Focus Areas/ Programs and carries out support activities, planning, public relations, and other administrative tasks related to R&D. It also conducts social issue surveys and activities related to issues anticipated to become prominent with social implementation of emerging technologies (ELSI).

R&D promoted by funding

Regarding R&D promoted by funding, a wide range of activities including the selection, administration and management of R&D projects is conducted under respective Program Supervisors.

  • To promote R&D related to ELSI by funding, in addition to the R&D Focus Area, "Human-Information Technology Ecosystem," which started in FY2016, a new R&D Program focusing on ELSI of emerging technologies started in FY2020, which promotes research in ELSI and the training of diverse ELSI researchers and practitioners.
  • As part of R&D funding for solving social issues, in addition to "Solution-Driven Co-creative R&D Program for SDGs (SOLVE for SDGs)" which was launched in FY2019, RISTEX launches a new R&D Program for prevention of social isolation & loneliness in FY2021.

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