Exhibits at JST Fair

Exhibits at the JST Fair that introduces innovative basic research projects originating from JST and products resulting from industry-academic collaboration

Collaboration with local governments, companies, NPOs and other organizations is indispensable for a strong awareness of the social implementation of RISTEX R&D. We exhibited at the JST Fair to further promote the results of our social implementation and research and development, using this as opportunity to foster understanding of such RISTEX initiatives.

In 2016, we sponsored a practical display of a low-speed EV bus that was one of the results of the "Stemming Global Warming Through Emerging Community Development" project that was integrated with the results of the "Stopping Global Warming and an Environmentally Harmonious Society" R&D area along with exhibits and video presentations of local social implementation initiatives.

ImageIn 2016-2018, based on R&D results in the area of "Designs for a New Aging Society Created by Communities," we introduced electric vehicles developed as part of the "easy farming method" that enables senior citizens to continue farming easily and enjoyably, and the "Machinaka Kart," a walking assistance vehicle that supports the elderly in going outside, in a space that allowed visitors to experience their operation. In addition, based on the collaboration of local residents, companies, research institutes and government agencies, we introduced "Living Lab," a method of co-creating new values and services from the perspective of consumers.

In 2018, based on R&D work in the area of "Building a New Public-Private Space for Safe Living," we introduced an evaluation method that makes it possible to visualize the depressive mood of caregivers and provide early-stage detection of signs that caregiving stress is becoming severe, and the "Consumption Ability Determination Program" to provide early-stage detection of the declining ability of senior citizens and others to make decisions and provide necessary support.

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