ELSI initiative in BRAIN-AI Hybrid Technology


Image: the concept of artificial intelligenceBrain-AI hybrid technology, which integrates artificial intelligence, which has made remarkable progress in recent years, and neuroscience research, has the potential to break through the limits of previously restricted brain activity and expand human capabilities.
On the other hand, there are issues yet to be studied, such as how to handle the ultimate privacy of information in the human brain, the possibility of widening disparities the technology that enhances human abilities could bring about in the future, and philosophical issues surrounding the identity of who is responsible for decisions made by "Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)," which connects the human brain to computers.

Current activities

Researchers working on brain-AI hybrid technology in the JST Strategic Basic Research Program ERATO and researchers specializing in ELSI and philosophy in the RISTEX-HITE focus area have collaborated and discussed the impact of such technology on humans and society from various perspectives since the early stages of the research. In addition, while maintaining communication with stakeholders, such as workshops for dialogue with citizens, RISTEX has been working to ensure this technology can bring true well-being to human beings. RISTEX compiled and published the knowledge obtained through these activities as ELSI-related points on brain-AI hybrid technology.

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