Research Activities

RISTEX is now engaged in research activities to take appropriate actions to ELSI, which run along with R&D in other departments, as a part of a new collaborative effort by JST as a funding agency promoting R&D of pioneering S&T.

Engagement in ELSI comprises of an effort to identify ethical, legal, and social issues which may arise in the process of advancement and diffusion of S&T in the past, present, and future, and to respond appropriately to these issues as a collective effort by researchers in natural sciences, SSH, and various stakeholders in the society, while accomplishing harmonization of science, technology, and society.

By employing methodologies, knowledge, and networks accumulated in the past R&D of S&T for society, RISTEX is committed to provide knowledge and insight that contribute to resolving social issues by responsible research and innovation (RRI), which is attainable by agile and productive collaboration between our ELSI initiatives and relevant departments within JST.

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