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The text size is not fixed on this site. If you have difficulty reading small texts on your device, you can change the text size for your comfort and convenience.

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If you're using another browser, check your browser's Help to find out how to change the text size.

2. Navigation

Website navigation menus are shown at the top of each webpage. This shows where the webpage is in the overall hierarchical navigation structure.

Example: JST Top > RISTEX HOME > About RISTEX > History

3. Accessibility & Usability

This website is designed with consideration for accessibility and usability in order for all visitors to browse comfortably.

4. Copyrights

Copyrights of all documents and images provided in the RISTEX website belong to RISTEX, except as otherwise stated. These may be used freely mainly for educational, public relations, information provision purposes and to the extent explicitly permitted by law, in which case we ask that you credit RISTEX as the source of the document/image used.
Example: "Courtesy of RISTEX" or "©RISTEX"

However, if you would like to use our contents for commercial purposes, please contact us by using the contact information below as our approval is required. If not urgent, please contact us by E-mail.

Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX)

Phone +81-3-5214-0130
Fax +81-3-5214-0140

5. Privacy policy

6. About the link

You do not need permission for a link to the top page of RISTEX website. Please contact us for links to other pages.

7. Disclaimers

RISTEX shall not bear any liability whatsoever for any damages incurred by using the information posted on RISTEX website. Please note that RISTEX website may change or delete its contents and URLs without prior notice.

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