20 Years of RISTEX / S&T for Society

RISTEX Past, Present, and FutureIn 2000, the necessity of promoting 社会技術 Shakai-Gijutsu (Science and Technology for Society: STfS), to create new social systems by combining and integrating knowledges from natural sciences and social sciences and humanities (SSH) was proposed, and as a result, RISTEX (Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society, of which Japanese name is the System for Research in Science and Technology for Society) was founded in July, 2001. After a major organizational restructure in 2005, the current RISTEX (stands also for Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society, but the Japanese name is the Center for Research in Science and Technology for Society) was established.

Over the last 20 years, despite many changes RISTEX has been through, one thing has remained the same. That is, we have been promoting R&D that are aimed to solve social issues by combining knowledges of natural sciences, SSH, and experiences of various stakeholders who face the social issues.

To mark our 20th anniversary, we have created this website to look back on what have been attempted and achieved in the past, to consider what to do now, and in the future. We hope that readers, especially those who engage in social issues in one way or another, find the content of this site meaningful.

photo: KOBAYASHI Tadashi

Looking Back on 20 Years of STfS / RISTEX:
R&D of Solutions to Social Issues by Combining Various Knowledges
Director-General KOBAYASHI Tadashi

photo: YOSHIKAWA Hiroyuki

Dialogue #1 with YOSHIKAWA Hiroyuki
社会技術 (S&T for Society): Incorporating the Idea of the Use of Scientific Knowledge
- Connecting Curiosity-Driven Scientific Knowledge to Society

photo: MURAKAMI Yoichiro

Dialogue #2 with MURAKAMI Yoichiro
Science, Technology and Humanity/Society: One Materialization of STfS
- Dealing with Uncertainty and Importance of Meta-Analysis

photo: KOBAYASHI Shinichi

Dialogue #3 with KOBAYASHI Shinichi
Seeking the Mechanism for Accumulation and Succession
- Anticipated Roles of the S&T for Society Research Forum

photo: ARIMOTO Tateo

Dialogue #4 with ARIMOTO Tateo
Facilitate S&T for Society and Pass on to the Future
- From the Perspective of R&D Planning and Management

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Timeline of RISTEX History(PDF 242KB)

RISTEX Past, Present, and Future

20 Years of RISTEX/S&T for Society
RISTEX Past, Present, and Future(PDF 1,922KB)

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