Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (FY2014-)

  • The First Phase Subject "Enhancement of Societal Resiliency against Natural Disasters" (FY2014-FY2018)
  • The Third Phase Subject "Construction of Platforms for Realizing Learning / Working in the Post-COVID-19 Era" (FY2022-)

Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) is a cross-sectoral program to realize leading science, technology and innovation (STI) which transcends ministerial and disciplinary boundaries, established in FY2014 by the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI). Among 11 subjects CSTI has identified in its first phase, RISTEX was responsible for "Enhancement of Societal Resiliency against Natural Disasters." This resulted in the conduct of R&D which aimed to improve the disaster prevention capabilities of individual citizens by developing a system of real-time sharing/use of disaster information enabled by a cross-ministerial collaboration, as well as by improving the literacy regarding disaster prevention in the local community.

Furthermore, RISTEX is in charge of the feasibility study (FS) in FY2022 for "Construction of platforms for realizing learning / working in the post-COVID-19 era," one of the 15 candidate subjects for the third phase of SIP which is to be initiated in FY2023. In this FS, with a consideration of impact and feasibility from technical and business aspects, R&D themes will be narrowed down, and the details and structures of the subject are analyzed, to create an R&D plan which includes an exit strategy for social implementation.

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