RISTEX's Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

RISTEX takes initiatives in dealing with social issues related to emerging infectious diseases, namely COVID-19, in a comprehensive manner by funding research in R&D programs and by conducting research activities.

R&D Programs Opened Calls for COVID-19 Related Research

Solution-Driven Co-creative R&D Program for SDGs (SOLVE for SDGs): Preventing Social Isolation & Loneliness and Creating Diversified Social Networks

In this newly established R&D program (started in FY2021) under SOLVE for SDGs (since FY2019), we requested all proposals to include perspectives on social impact of COVID-19 in the call for proposals in FY2021.

Responsible Innovation with Conscience and Agility (RInCA)

In this R&D program (started in FY2019), we called for proposals that contribute to resolving issues related to emerging infectious diseases, namely COVID-19, from the perspectives of ELSI, and four projects were selected. These projects have been working on identification of issues related to public health, behavioral changes, and information utilization in various social phenomena caused by COVID-19, and surveys and archival studies that contribute to the improvement of risk literacy.

Archiving the Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Pandemic Responses: An International and Historical Approach (KODAMA Satoshi, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University)

Regarding various ethical, legal and social issues associated with measures against COVID-19 pandemic, the project conducts an international comparison of policy documents to compare measures taken by Asian governments such as South Korea and Taiwan, and Western governments such as the UK. Also, the project investigates past measures against infectious diseases to clarify the characteristics and issues of the measures against COVID-19. Reports produced in this project will be promptly made openly available and archived.

Research Activities by RISTEX

Social Issue Surveys during the COVID-19 Pandemic

RISTEX builds a network for collaboration between researchers and various stakeholders of social issues (NPOs, companies, governments, etc.) and promotes competitive R&D in S&T for Society which use knowledges of natural sciences and humanities/social sciences.
As a part of such activities, we conducted two social issue surveys in FY2020 which aimed to comprehensively grasp social issues, and to provide information to future R&D strategies of RISTEX.

"Evaluation of Change in Public Awareness on Social Issues during 2020" (Available only in Japanese)

"Investigation of Primary Social Issues with/after Coronavirus Disease" (Available only in Japanese)

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