Site Policy

November 14, 2023

This site policy represents the terms and conditions for all website operated by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (hereinafter, “JST”). In addition to this site policy, each service can have its own terms of use. The provisions in each service shall be given priority if the content of this site policy differs from that specified in each service.


All contents on the JST website, including documents, images, audio, video, and programs, are the exclusive property of JST or a third party holds copyrights to the contents. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all contents are protected by international copyright laws. The information on the site can be freely used for educational, press (media), or research purposes to the full extent permitted by the law. In this case, please give credit for the usage of the contents involved.
Credits must include the source (JST), content name, URL, year of publication, or website update date (or date of browsing, if unknown).

Example of credit:

“Source: Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST) X, November 1, 2023” “Copyright 2020 JST” “© 2020 JST”
However, please note that the following cases are not covered by the aforementioned scope of uses.

  1. In the case of using materials, including documents or image data, belonging to other organizations apart from JST.
    If you wish to use such materials, please contact the copyright holder of said materials.
  2. In the case of using materials about individuals, including researchers, without prior permission of JST.
    Please contact us for prior permission to protect the publicity rights and portrait rights of individuals.
  3. In the case of using the site for business or commercial purposes.
    Please contact the following department for prior permission.


Japan Science and Technology Agency
Public Relations Division, Department of General Affairs
Tel : +81-3-5214-8404 Fax : 03-5214-8432


  1. The rights to the trademarks, logos, emblems, etc. published on this website belong to JST or a third party that has the rights for these entities. The use of such trademarks without permission from JST or the respective rights owners is strictly prohibited by law, except in cases where use is permitted under the Trademark Act or other laws.
  2. When you use JST logos, please contact JST and follow the guidelines.
    JST Logo(PDF:531KB)(Japanese) Updated on February 18, 2016
    Logo data for printing (CMYK/Illustrator: 364KB)(Japanese) Updated on February 18, 2016
    Logo data for website and other use(RGB/Illustrator: 352KB)(Japanese) Updated on February 18, 2016
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The following actions are prohibited with regard to the use of the website.

  1. Actions that infringe or can infringe upon the privacy and assets of JST or third parties.
  2. Actions that create or can create a disadvantage or damage to JST or third parties.
  3. Actions that serve to discredit or dishonor JST or third parties.
  4. Actions that violate or can violate laws, regulations, or ordinances.
  5. Actions that violate or can violate public order.
  6. Actions tied to criminal activities or that can be tied to such activities.
  7. Actions that aim at commercial, political or religious activities or actions preparing for these.
  8. Actions that use or transmit or can use or transmit harmful programs including computer viruses.
  9. Other actions deemed inappropriate by social wisdom.


JST bears no responsibility for any damages (regardless of directly or indirectly) caused by or related to the use of this website.

JST takes all possible measures to ensure the accuracy of the information published on this website. However, it does not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, reliability, and usefulness of the contents published on this website.

JST can change or remove the composition, terms of use, URL, and contents of this website without prior notice.

Please note that JST can revise the site policy without prior notice.


It is not necessary to obtain permission to create links to this website. However, JST firmly rejects following actions.

  1. Links from websites that fall under 3. Prohibitions
  2. Links that show the appearance that JST contents or information released through the site are a part of the third-party website. (For instance, in the case where the whole or a part of a page of the JST site is linked through a frame or inline frame.)

The links excluding the top page can be modified, moved, or deleted without prior notice.

6.Acquisition of access logs and use of access analysis tools

(1) Acquisition of access logs
JST website records visitor information in the form of access logs. The access log includes the domain name and IP address of the viewer, type of browser used, and date and time of access but excludes information that identifies individuals. The access log is used for the maintenance of websites and statistical analysis of usage, not for any other purposes.
(2) Use of cookie
On JST website, cookies can be used to analyze browsing status and effectively distribute information on the web. Cookies are only used to identify your computer and do not contain any personally identifiable information.
Users could refuse the use of cookies, but the setting method differs depending on the browser used. Please refer to the “Help” menu of your browser for specific settings for cookies. If you choose to reject all cookies, you can be restricted in some ways, such as using some services on the Internet.
(3) Use of Google Analytics
JST website uses Google Analytics to track website activities.
Google Analytics collects access analysis data for this website, but the information obtained does not identify an individual and relate the access information to the visitor’s personal information. The analysis results are only used to improve the quality of this website and create better content.
The data collected using Google Analytics is governed by Google’s privacy policy. For more information, please review the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
If you opt to stop Google Analytics from analyzing it, you can disable it by downloading and installing the “Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on” provided by Google in your browser.

JST shall take necessary measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of the acquired information listed in (1) to (3) above and take appropriate measures to appropriately manage the acquired information.

7.Website accessibility

JST creates and operates the website aimed at providing information accessible for any visitors.
JST Website Accessibility(Japanese)

8.Governing law and jurisdiction

The use of the website and the interpretation and application of the site policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, unless explicitly specified otherwise. All disputes arising in relation to the use of this website shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the competent court of the first instance, unless explicitly specified otherwise.