Research Integrity Surveys

Provide policy and practice implications to promote autonomous conduct of trustworthy and responsible research

Background and Objectives

Since the enforcement of the 6th Science, Technology and Innovation Basic Plan in FY2021, solving social issues and producing innovations by the use of 'convergence of knowledge' resulting from integration of the HSS and natural sciences is becoming more valued. Thus, expectations are rising towards interdisciplinary research which transcends disciplinary boundaries, and transdisciplinary research which transcends academic boundaries for co-creation with stakeholders. We believe it is important to promptly promote consideration of research integrity in these types of research. RISTEX has been funding R&D of governance that enables fair and responsible research activities in the funding program "Science of STI Policy." Also, since its establishment, RISTEX has been promoting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research for solving social issues and for social implementation of solutions. With such background, in FY2021 we have started a survey study of research integrity in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research.

Current Activities

We are gathering information about current states of research activities and management in on-going interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research where common rules and norms are yet to be established. The data obtained are analyzed and disseminated as a resource for the consideration of fairness of such research. By doing so, we aim to stimulate discussions and policy recommendations which promote autonomous conduct of Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). We intend to position such discussions not only in the limited realm of research integrity, but in a wider consideration of responsibility such as Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Corporate/University Social Responsibility (CSR/USR), thereby encouraging research with and for society.

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