Promotion of Co-creation

RISTEX set up platforms for dialogue and collaboration (co-creation) with diverse entities, promoting R&D activities through the creation and integration of knowledge, and making efforts for improved science and technology literacy in society.

Science Agora

Hosting Japan's largest open platform "Science Agora" which connects science and society. Since its establishment in 2006, participants from various sectors (academia, private sectors, governmental bodies, media and citizens) have engaged in discussions helping to co-create our common future.

Science Agora (regional)

Co-hosting the Science Agora Collaborative Projects with universities and other local organizations nationwide, to contribute to developing an autonomous, sustainable local society through dialogue.

The open platform for co-designing the future (CHANCE: CHAllenge-driveN Convergence Engine)

Aim to maximize R&D results, promote the implementation, and contribute to solving social issues by leading social expectations and issues obtained from co-creation to strategy formulation and R&D.

‘STI for SDGs’ Award

An annual award for outstanding initiatives originating in Japan for solving social issues with the help of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).
The awards aim to contribute to the achievement of SDGs by further developing the awarded initiatives and promoting their use in other regions facing similar challenges.

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