International Workshop "Science for Society" in East Asia(2010-2013)

July 31, 2010

In Tokyo in October 2010, parties in East Asian countries and regions--including Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore--held the first international workshop aiming at participants sharing information and engaging in discussion on initiatives promoting research for "Science for Society."

Followed by the first workshop, parties from the nations and regions of East Asia researching the area's trends gathered for a second international workshop on "Science for Society" in Singapore in December 2011. Participants discussed the circumstances and trends in the region and its countries, as well as future cooperation focusing on topics such as climate change, disaster management and urban sustainability.

Being aware of the importance of facilitating the implementation and development of concrete policies based on the results and view of Science and Technology for Society (STS), the third international workshop was held in Korea in December 2012. This workshop merged the Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy approach with the standpoint of STS based on the o utcome of discussions of the first two workshops held by RISTEX. Highlighted the role of basic science for sustainable innovation in response to demands and expectations of society targeting at resolving social issues such as environment and energy. The fourth international workshop forcusing on children's safety as a main topic, was held in Taiwan in December 2013.

From Japan, RISTEX R&D focus area/program directors, advisors, and project directors have gathered to these workshops. Participants from each of the region's nations have engaged in lively discussions, sharing and confirming the importance of continuing discussions in the future from the view of "Science for Society."

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