International Forum 'Grand Challenges for Innovating Policy-Forming Process(2011)

July 31, 2011

JST/RISTEX co-organized the international forum 'Grand Challenges for Innovating Policy-Forming Process ~The Initiative for Development of "Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy" with MEXT, NISTEP and JST/CRDS at MEXT Lecture hall on June 22, 2011
The object of the event was to introduce its concept and approach of the program, and foster discussion among researchers, policy-makers and the public in general, for the start of the project.

MEXT has launched "Science for Policy in Science, Technology and Innovation policy" program since April 2011and has currently been making public solicitations procedure. The ultimate goal of the program is to acknoledge "the objective evidence-based policy forming", which tries to make Policy more effective to solve problems, based on observations and analysis of social and economic states from various aspects.

This program focuses on development of scientific methodology, collaboration with policy makers and the society to recognize evidence-based policy-forming, establishing code of conduct for policy makers, science communities, and the society: Strategic human resource development.
JST/RISTEX has been involved in promoting public solicitation for this research program and implementing research development through contributing analytical approach as well as evaluation indicator over the mid-to long-term.

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