Jul. 21.2020[update]  Announcement of Interview screening to the applicants is updated. [Details].
Jun. 2.2020[update]  We have stopped accepting applications for Project Managers.
May 15.2020[update]  FAQ is updated. [Details].
May 8.2020[update]  Dates of interview screening are posted newly. [Details].
Apr.22.2020[update]  FAQ is updated. [Details].
Apr.15.2020[update]  Application Forms, Errata and FAQ are updated. [Details].
Apr. 8.2020[update]  Considering the spread of COVID-19, we will extend the application deadline and selection schedule. [Details].
Apr. 1.2020[update]  Dates of interview screening are posted. Errata and updated application forms are posted. [Details].
Mar.23.2020[update]  After considering the risk of COVID-19, we will hold all explanatory meetings on web. [Details].
Mar. 5.2020[new]  Presentation materials and recorded videos of the explanation about the call for proposals are posted. [Details].
Mar. 5.2020[new]  Recorded videos at The Moonshot International Symposium are posted, besides presentation materials.
[Presentation on Dec.17th][Presentation on Dec.18th][Working Group].
Feb.27.2020[new]  We updated files on the application page.
Feb.21.2020[update]  After considering the risk of COVID-19, we will hold several explanatory meetings on Web. [Details].
Feb.20.2020[new]  The call for proposals is open.
[Press Release (Japanese only)][For more details]
Feb. 7.2020[update]  We updated information on explanatory meetings regarding call for proposals. Pre-registration is required to attend.
Jan.31.2020[new]  Presentation materials at The Moonshot International Symposium are posted.
[Presentation on Dec.17th][Presentation on Dec.18th]
Jan.23.2020[new] The Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI) determined the Moonshot goals [Details].
 (The links will be replaced with the English edition of the documents at a later date.)
Jan.20.2020[new]  We updated Application page.
Dec.18.2019[update] The Moonshot International Symposium finished a success. Thank you for your participation.
Dec.06.2019[update]  Notes about the lottery result of the Moonshot International Symposium
Nov.12.2019[update] We decided the logo for the Moonshot Research and Development Program.
Oct.25.2019[update] Information about WG6 of Moonshot International Symposium was updated.
Oct.18.2019[new]  We start recruitment for the participants of the "Moonshot International Symposium".
The major objectives of the symposium are to discuss innovative program management of Moonshot research and to examine the Moonshot Goals to be set for the Moonshot R&D Program by collecting world’s brightest wisdom. In addition, the symposium is an opportunity to further publicize the Moonshot R&D Program to the world and to encourage participation of researchers from academia and industry around the world in the program.
July.17.2019[update]  We updated event information.