Announcing Call for Proposals for New Moonshot Goals -MILLENNIA Program*

*Multifaceted investigation challenge for new normal initiatives program

Call for Proposals is now closed.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts have forced us to create new Moonshot Goals aimed at tackling the challenges of our post-crisis society and economy. As it is today’s youth that will be responsible for tomorrow’s society, we must incorporate the flexible and unconventional thinking of young people when setting goals for the ‘new normal’. Therefore, JST is holding a call for proposals for new Moonshot Goal candidates and the youth-focused teams to assess them. Please note that proposing image of society in 2050 is not limited to those related to the COVID-19.

The visionary leaders below are in charge of overall management of the program, including selection of the teams.

〈Visionary Leaders〉

 Mr. WATANABE Katsuaki(Former President, Toyota Motor Corporation)

 Dr. ADACHI Masayuki(President & COO, HORIBA, Ltd.)
 Dr. AMANO Hiroshi (Professor, Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics, Nagoya University)
 Dr. KUNO Sachiko (President & CEO, S&R foundation / Founder & Chair, Halcyon Incubator / Executive Vice-President, Kyoto University)

Call and Selection Schedule

*Dates of document / interview screening and announcement of selected teams are provisional and subject to change.
*On-line interview screening will be held. In principle, only team leaders will be required to attend the screening.
*Interviewees’ e-Rad Project Numbers

Application Deadline November 10, 2020 at 12:00 noon, Japan Standard Time
Document Screening Period Mid November – Mid December
Contact the interviewees Mid December
Interview Screening Period Dec. 28th (11:00~20:10 (JST)), 29th (08:00-18:05 (JST))
Announcement of Selected Teams Early-mid January

* Time schedule is subject to change

How to Apply

Please fill in the following application forms and submit via e-Rad, the cross-ministerial R&D management system. Instructions on how to use e-Rad can be found here. Applicants must first register their applicant information and obtain an e-Rad login ID and password prior to application. Please allow two weeks or more for completing this process. If you have not finished your application steps for e-Rad before the deadline, your application, regardless of the reason, will not be accepted as a subject of our examination. A proposal using a non-standard form may also be rejected.

If the English version of the information on the call for proposals including application guidelines does not conform to the Japanese version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

〈e-Rad Registration〉

Please see the following URL for how to register :

  1. For applicants affiliated with a Japanese institution
    Person responsible for e-Rad registration: Administrator at the institution
    Registration items: Information regarding the institution and applicant
     For more details on user registration, please refer to the website.
  2. For applicants affiliated with a foreign institution, and applicants affiliated with no institution
    Person responsible for e-Rad registration: Applicant
    Registration item: Information regarding the applicant
     For more details on user registration, please refer to the “Applying for registration” here.
Application Guidelines  (742KB)
Application Forms  (65KB)
Creating New Moonshot Goals  (142KB)
FAQ  (186KB)
e-Rad Operation Manual for the Moonshot R&D Program  (1.64MB)
Errata  (181KB)


The applicant must complete the educational program for research integrity as a prerequisite for application. Detailed information will be posted on this website. Note that if completion of the program cannot be confirmed, the application will be disqualified for failing to meet the requirements.

〈Contractual Agreement (Language: Japanese) 〉

Contractual Agreement with JST to proceed investigation  (379KB)

*Please refer to the latest versions of the documents.

Explanatory Meetings Regarding Call for Proposals (Language: Japanese)

We had originally planned to hold explanatory meetings where we would present details about the Moonshot R&D Program and the call for proposals. After considering the risk of COVID-19, instead of holding explanatory meetings we have uploaded explanatory materials and pre-recorded videos in which JST staff explain about the call for proposals and the visionary leaders present messages about their expectations for proposals.

〈Explanatory Materials and Videos〉

Overview of the Moonshot R&D program and the call for proposals(JST)  (YouTube)
Message from visionary leaders (1): Mr. WATANABE Katsuaki  (PDF 400KB)
Message from visionary leaders (2): Dr. ADACHI Masayuki  (YouTube)
Message from visionary leaders (3): Dr. AMANO Hiroshi  (YouTube)
Message from visionary leaders (4): Dr. KUNO Sachiko  (YouTube)

Inquiries about Call for Proposals

Department of Moonshot Research and Development Program, Japan Science and Technology Agency