The additional Project Managers has been selected under Moonshot Goals 8 and 9.

Adopted Project Managers for Moonshot R&D (Moonshot Goal 8 and 9)

Moonshot Goal 8: Realization of a society safe from the threat of extreme winds and rains by controlling and modifying the weather by 2050.
Project Manager (PM) R&D Project
(Professor, Institute for Advanced Academic Research, Chiba University)
Artificial generation of upstream maritime heavy rains to govern intense-rain-induced disasters over land
Moonshot Goal 9: Realization of a mentally healthy and dynamic society by increasing peace of mind and vitality by 2050.
Project Manager (PM) R&D Project
SHINODA Hiroyuki
(Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo)
A haptic partner that supports children's minds
(Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Kobe University)
Realization of a society where child abuse and suicide are zero

※ The titles of the projects are subject to change after refinement.