Announcing Call for Proposals for Performers for Moonshot Goal 8

We have stopped accepting applications for Performers.

R&D projects under Moonshot Goal 8 has been carried out by Project Managers (PMs) under the supervision of Program Director (PD) to achieve the goal below.

We plan to hold a call for performers to work on the development of manipulation methods that cause atmospheric disturbance in the following projects. We strongly expect new challenges and welcome applications from researchers outside the field of meteorology.

PM name R&D project
SAWADA Yohei Control Theory of Weather-Society Coupling Systems for Supporting Social Decision-Making
FUDEYASU Hironori Typhoon Control Research Aiming for a Safe and Prosperous Society
YAMAGUCHI Kosei Heavy Rainfall Control for Living Together with Isolated-Convective Rainstorms and Line-Shaped Rainbands

Call and Selection Schedule

*Dates of document/interview screening and announcement are tentative and subject to change.
*Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, interviews may be held online.

Application DeadlineMay 9, 2023 at 12:00 noon, Japan Standard Time
Document screening periodmid-May - early June
Interview screening periodJuly 5 and July 6, 2023
Notification/announcement of selected Project Managersearly August

Interview Screening Schedule

*Interviewees will be notified directly by e-mail by Friday, June 16, 2023.
*Interviews must be attended by the applicant in person, not a substitute.

For researchers that belong to overseas organizations

A researcher that belongs to an overseas organization can join the program as a performer. However, the organization should enter into an R&D agreement with the content presented by JST.
For details, please refer to "2.7 Proponent requirements" and "3.6 The roles and responsibilities of research institutions" in the application guidelines. Please also refer to FAQ No. 2-11.

How to Apply

Please download the form below and submit your application using the application form. Proposals that have not been submitted via the application form by the application deadline will not be considered for any reason. In addition, research proposals using a proposal form different from the designated form may be rejected.
In this application, applications will not be accepted through e-Rad. However, after the proposal is accepted, the applicant will be asked to enter the research results and accounting performance information into e-Rad in cooperation with the project manager. Therefore, please obtain an e-Rad researcher number before the beginning of the R&D subject you proposed.

〈Documents will be available at a later date.〉
Application Guidelines (Moonshot Goal 8 R&D subject)  (1.85MB)
Appendix1 "R&D concept (Moonshot Goal 8)"  (1.27MB)
Appendix2 "PD’s supplement"  (257KB)
Application Forms(Moonshot Goal 8 R&D subject)  (72KB)
FAQ  (178KB)

The applicant must complete the educational program for research integrity as a prerequisite for application. Please refer to “4.1 Completing the course on research and ethics education “ in the application guidelines. Note that if completion of the program cannot be confirmed, the application will be disqualified for failing to meet the requirements.

〈Contractual Agreement with JST to proceed Research and Development〉
Contractual Research and Development Agreement (310KB)
Instruction of procedures to execute contracted Research and Development (for universities)
Instruction of procedures to execute contracted Research and Development (for corporations)

*Please make sure the latest version of documents with last update date.

Explanation Regarding Call for Proposals (Finished)

Explanatory meeting regarding the call has finished.
Thank you for your participation.


Date & Time : 24, March, 2023 (Friday). 15:00~15:50.
Venue : Osaka (TKP Garden City Higashi Umeda), and Online (Zoom)
*The event was held online only.
Language : Japanese

Inquries about Call for Proposals

Inquiries about Call for Proposals should be addressed to:
[JST] Department of Moonshot Research and Development Program