"Society Optimized for Diversity" mission area


R&D Supervisor (Program Officer: PO)

(Senior Fellow, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.)


In the future, people's life is expected to be changed intrinsically. The modes of behavior and action such as transportation, business practices, and lifestyle habits will be specifically released from the constraints of physical space and time, and thus transformed. In addition, human resources that have not been able to play active parts in the past will be released from restrictions, and the social diversity will be improved. In this mission area, we aim to realize a society in which merchandises and services are optimized for various users.
(Excerpt from MEXT's "About Areas of Prioritized Themes")

Prioritized Themes and R&D Projects

  • Assistance and evaluation for enhancing human relationships (FY2022)
    Feasibility Study
  • Reproducible evaluation on our sequential states for social improvement (FY2021)
    Feasibility Study

R&D Management Committee Members

SADATO Norihiro Professor, Research Organization of Science and Technology, Ritsumeikan University
SHIGA Toshikazu R&D officer, Development Center, Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.
SHIKI Yukiko Professor, Graduate School of Health and Well-being, Kansai University
SHIMAGAMI Yoko General Manager, R&D Management Group, Business Strategy & Planning Dept.,
Food Products Division, Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
HOSHINO Masato Chief Engineer, Innovation Research Excellence, Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.
MAENO Takashi Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University/Dean, Faculty of Well-being, Musashino University
YAMAMOTO Shoji Professor, Institute of Business and Accounting, Kwansei Gakuin University