"Low Carbon Society" mission area: Full-scale R&D Project


Small-start Type: Full-scale R&D Projects

All solid state batteries with extremely high energy density and safety

Project Leader

UCHIMOTO Yoshiharuexlink

Prioritized Theme Realization of a low carbon society through game changing technologies
R&D Period 2023.04-(Feasibility Study: 2018.11-2023.03)
Grant Number JPMJMI23E1
Project Summary SummaryPDF(PDF:522KB)

We have discovered a cathode material with ultra-high capacity fluoride ion insertion / desorption, which increases the capacity of the cathode by a factor of 2 to 3 compared to current lithium-ion batteries and advanced lithium batteries. By using this cathode, we will focus on the establishment of all-solid-state fluoride ion battery formation technology and apply it to automotive batteries. The issues are: 1) development of an iron-based cathode that utilizes anion redox reaction and exhibits 1.5 times higher capacity than the current cathode, 2) improvement of fluoride ion conductivity of solid electrolytes through data-driven materials search, and 3) establishment of solid-state battery formation technology.


R&D Team

Kyoto University, Tohoku University, National Institute for Materials Science, Toyota Motor Corporation

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