"Low Carbon Society" mission area: Full-scale R&D Project


Small-start Type: Full-scale R&D Projects

Future society opened by direct dynamic wireless power transfer to EV

Project Leader

FUJIMOTO Hiroshiexlink

Prioritized Theme Realization of a low carbon society through game changing technologies
R&D Period 2021.06-(Feasibility Study: 2018.11-2021.05)
Grant Number JPMJMI21E2
Project Summary SummaryPDF(PDF:384KB)

Infinite cruse-range EV by Dynamic WPT from road coils. Contribute to spread of EVs that emit no CO2 during driving.

  • Problem of existing EV is shorter cruse-range and longer charging time.
  • Solved by DWPT from road coils in part of highways. Realize smart EV community without plug-in charging.
  • Early realization of a carbon-neutral society by DWPT EV
Demonstration test of smart EVs for the widespread of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer.

R&D Team

Toyo Denki Seizo K.K., NSK Co Ltd., Bridgestone Corporation,
ROHM Co., Ltd., DENSO CORPORATION,Ono Sokki Co., Ltd., Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Project Website


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