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Technology theme: Innovative microwave measurement techniques for a safe, secure, and smart society

Society 5.0 aims to create innovative ideas. In order to achieve this, microwave measurement techniques are a vital and fundamental technology that is not easily affected by the changes in the surrounding environment and can sense various conditions on the ground and in space. Microwave measurement techniques can be broadly classified into radar technology, which irradiates microwaves onto an object and measures their reflection and scattering; and radiometer technology, which passively observes microwaves emitted by an object. Radar and radiometers used for meteorological observation are important to society, and with the advancement of data processing technology, it is likely we will see even more advanced technology for breast cancer detection, buried object surveying, nondestructive infrastructure inspection, security gates, and automotive radar. As the role of microwave measurement techniques expands and its importance increases, there is a need to overcome the problems in the current techniques. Taking the most recent technological advances into account, innovative microwave measurement techniques are expected to achieve and resolve issues arising from more conventional ones. Innovative microwave measurement techniques can also expand the possibilities of microwave measurement in a wide range of fields, thereby contributing further to the implementation of Society 5.0.

Research and Development of Microwave Radar and Radiometer using Ultra Wide Band Antenna and Digital Technologies

Program Manager

TOMII Naoyaexlink

R&D Period 2021.11-
Grant Number JPMJMI21A1
Project Summary SummaryPDF(PDF:311KB)

We have defined an ultra-wideband antenna with upper to lower limit frequency ratio of 30 times or more and digital technologies (ultra-high-speed AD conversion, etc.) as the fundamental technologies. Innovative microwave measurement systems that apply the fundamental technologies can realize below two features, which were difficult with conventional systems, in a small size and at low cost with a small number of parts: (a) hyperspectral measurement of microwave signals, (b) simultaneous measurement of the amount of various objects in the same space by sharing the observation field over a wide band. In this research and development, we first solve the technical issues for acquiring the fundamental technologies, and apply them to three innovative microwave measurement systems to demonstrate the technical availability: (1) multi-frequency radar radiometer, (2) ground penetrating passive bistatic radar, and (3) Scanning Array for Multi-hyperspectral RAdiowave Imaging (SAMRAI). We then utilize each system to solve various problems in modern society such as infrastructure monitoring, smart fishing, and carbon neutral to demonstrate the availability of businesses that will realize the safe, secure and smart future society.


R&D Team

[Leading Institution]
 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

 Weather News Inc., Antenna Giken Co., Ltd., etc.

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