Previous calls (FY2020)


* Call for R&D proposals in FY2020 is now closed.


Application Period:
April 30, 2020(Thu)- June 30, 2020(Tue) 12:00noon, Japan time

Document screening period Late July to Late August
Interview screening period Early August to Late September
Notification/announcement of selected projects November or after
R&D project begins November or after

* The briefings for solicitation are held online in consideration of the new coronavirus disease (COVID19) outbreak.
* The dates are expected dates. They are subject to change.
* Specific interview selection schedule will be determined by JST.
* As soon as determined, the document screening and the interview selection schedule will be announced on this website:

* Application of proposal is implemented via e-Rad system (; see Application Guideline(Chapter5) "Submission via the Cross-ministerial R&D Management System (e-Rad).")
* No proposal for which the application procedure has not been completed via e-Rad by the deadline is subject to examination for any reason.
* The research project applicant must complete the educational program for research integrity as a prerequisite for application. Note that if completion of the program cannot be confirmed, the application will be disqualified for failing to meet the requirements.
Enrollment in the Educational Program for Research Integrity

Application Guideline

Application Guideline English
Application Guideline (chapter1-5) PDF
(PDF: 1.1MB)
Application Guideline (chapter6; Policy for Selection) PDF
(PDF: 1.2MB)
Proposal Form for Small start Type MSWD
(DOCX: 103KB)
Proposal Form for Small start Type (component technology type) MSWD
(DOCX: 76KB)
Proposal Form for Large scale Type MSWD
(DOCX: 98KB)
Intellectual Property Management Basic Policy PDF
(PDF: 169KB)
JST-Mirai Collaborative Research Agreement 2020 MSWD
Form of Consent for the Application to the JST-Mirai Program MSWD
(DOCX: 24KB)
FAQ (Japanese version only) PDF
(PDF: 334KB)


Please contact via email except in urgent cases.

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Department of R&D for Future Creation,
TEL: +81-3-6272-4004
FAX: +81-3-6268-9412
E-mail: kaikaku_mirai[at] (replace (at) with @)

* For further details related to technology themes, please contact the Research and Development Infrastructure Division, Science and Technology Policy Bureau, MEXT.(03-6734-4098)