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Sweden <Cooperation with Each Country>

1) Research Area - " Innovative Solutions, Community Design and Services for Elderly People "

 The first international academic-industrial partnership framework for JST, this research aims for early-stage implementation of innovation in aging societies through academic-industrial partnered Japanese and Swedish teams.
Divided into 2-year Phase I and 3-year Phase II research periods, seamless long-term research development is made possible via approval process of Phase I to Phase II stage-gate evaluation.
In Phase I, the innovation and effectiveness of ideas are confirmed from the integration of Japanese and Swedish side solutions (eg. innovative devices, services and community design). In Phase II, the solutions are demonstrated to work in a real-world environment for aging society.

stage-gate processstage-gate process

3) Cooperative Research Projects

Innovative Solutions, Community Design and Services for Elderly People

Dynamic Analysis and Control of Cells
Research Leader in Japan
Research Leader in Sweden
Transnational Living Lab for Active Ageing
Hiroko Akiyama, Professor, Institute of Gerontology, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Academia:The University of Tokyo
  • Industry:Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mathilda Tham, Professor, Linnaeus University, Department of Design
  • Academia:Linnaeus University
  • Industry:Johanneberg Science Park AB

FY2018 (phaseⅠ)
Continuous health status monitoring of elderly people using flexible skin patch sensors
Takao Someya, Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
  • Academia:The University of Tokyo
  • Industry:NEC Corporation
Magnus Berggren, Professor, Linköping University, Division of Physics and Electronics, Department of Science and Technology
  • Academia:Linköping University
  • Industry:AbbVie AB et al.

FY2018 (phaseⅠ)
Robotic assistive device with multi-grip tools and vision system for frail elderly’s independent life
Miki Saijo, Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Academia:Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Industry:Leave a
Ann-Louise Lindborg, Product manager, Bestic AB, Research and development
  • Academia:Karlstad university
  • Industry:Bestic AB

FY2018 (phaseⅠ)
Innovative food technology systems for independent senior living
Koichiro Matsuo, Professor, Department of Dentistry, Fujita Health University
  • Academia:Fujita Health University
  • Industry:Food Care Co., Ltd
Mats Stading, Professor, SP Food and Bioscience, Soft Materials Science
  • Academia:SP Food and Bioscience (SP FB)
  • Industry:Findus Special Foods

FY2018 (phaseⅠ)

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