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Plant’s POEM: “No need to fertilize, for increase in seed size” - Expectations for robust crop production under various environmental conditions -
Artificial intelligence generated by machine learning predicts interface structure - 22 year calculation speeds up to 3 hour - External Link
A remote-controlled construction robot capable of fine manipulation developed External Link
Science Agora 2016 (Annual Meeting) November 3rd (Thu.)-6th (Sun.), 2016–Media Session hosted by JST and AAAS will be held on November 3rd at Miraikan Discussing on “5 Years of Reconstruction Following the Disaster in Tohoku” with Dr. Rush D. Holt, CEO of AAAS, high school students from Fukushima and Kumamoto and President Dr. Hamaguchi.
Development of highly active and stable ammonia synthesis catalyst under low temperatures Summary
Cu becomes an essential material for spintronics through oxidation Summary
Auto-regulatory mechanism for the expression of Chtop, a key protein factor for carcinogenesis of glioblastoma and developmental transition from fetal to adult hemoglobin Summary
Layer 2-based Wireless Relay Network for Robot Control under Non Line-of-Sight Environments External Link
Quality of sleep easily quantifiable by applying cool gel sheet to the forehead External Link
Mapping pluripotency differences between mice, monkeys, and humans External Link
Finding new controlling method for properties of glass: Tiny amount of electron anions reduces the glass transition temperature more than 100 degrees Summary
Height difference measurement through comparison between optical lattice clocks: New application of clocks as a probe for crustal activities Summary
Development of a bench-top extra-cleanroom preventing DNA contamination from airborne nanoparticles for DNA analysis with high reliability Summary
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