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Japan-France Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

JST has started the Japanese-French Frontiers of Engineering program (JFFoE) together with the French Ministry of Foreign and European affairs (MAEE), French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) and Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), on the basis of the joint declaration of the Japanese and French Ministers responsible for research and education in 2008.

This program aims at bringing outstanding young researchers from industry, academia, and government together in symposia to discuss pioneering technical and leading-edge research in various engineering fields and industry sectors. The program provides an opportunity for top-notch engineers, early in their careers, to learn about cutting-edge developments in fields other than their own, thereby facilitate collaborative work and the transfer of new approaches and techniques across fields.

The first JFFoE symposium was held in Grenoble, France, and the second took place in Kyoto, Japan in February 2012.

The second symposium was divided into 4 main sessions corresponding following topics and an informal discussion on autonomy:

  • - Life sciences
  • - Nano-sciences
  • - Information and communication technologies
  • - Environment and energy

The speakers were specialists of their topics, and on each session, they introduced briefly their research field in plain language as well as presented their experimentations, prototypes, concepts, new tools and methodologies they had implemented, followed by lively discussions among participants.

The scientific organization committee was established for each symposium on both Japanese and French sides. The committee consisted of four eminent scientists from each country who chaired each session and lead the discussions at the symposium.

Through both formal sessions and informal discussions, cross-disciplinary and cross-sector contacts among this country’s future engineering leaders have been established and nurtured.

JFFoE Chart

Date Session topics Venue The number
February 2012 ・ICT
Kyoto, Japan Japan:24
October 2010 ・NANO / MATERIAL
Grenoble, France Japan:20

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