SICP: Strategic International Research Cooperative Program / SICORP: Strategic International Collaborative Research Program

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Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP)


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General Description

1) Research fund for joint research projects (selected through open call for proposals)

  • Financial support of about JPY 6 - 100 million is granted on Japanese side per project per year, for 3 - 5 years. (The amount and period of support are determined flexibly through coordination with a counterpart country.)
  • Financial support includes costs for (1) goods, (2) personnel, (3) dispatch and invitation of researchers, (4) workshops, and other costs necessary to execute projects.

2) Joint implementation with funding agencies in counterpart countries

  • Under the guidance of Program Director (PD) and Program Officer (PO), JST implements joint call and joint review of international joint research projects in coordination with the counterpart funding agency (FA).
  • Counterpart research groups will be funded by FA of their own country at equivalent level as JST does for research groups of Japan side.

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