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Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium

JST holds the Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium(JAFoE), along with the National Academy of Engineering(NAE) and the Engineering Academy of Japan(EAJ). The aim of JAFoE is to provide a place where young researchers can find new possibilities in their research and development and foster interdisciplinary research. To attain this aim, the JAFoE symposium provides a place where approximately 60 young Japanese and American engineering researchers (45 years old or younger) can exchange personal research information.

[Photograph:Appearance of symposium]

Symposium (JAFoE) Past Symposia

Symposium (JAFoE) Past Symposia
2009 Irvine, CA, USA J:30
• State-of-the-Art Technologies for Knowledge Management
• Breakthrough Technologies in Brain Science
• Novel Materials for Industrial Applications
• Modeling Global Climate Change
2008 Kobe, Japan J:31
• Advances in Automation and Instrumentation for Biotechnology and Health Care
• The Future of Sequence Modeling: A Peek into Modern Speech/Language Technology
• Alternative Energy
• Advanced Sensor Technology
2007 Palo Alto, CA, USA J:30
• Materials for Medicine
• Battery Technologies
• Rocketry/Aerospace
• Next Generation Data Centers
• Human-Computer Interaction
2006 Tsukuba, Japan J:31
• Cybersecurity
• Biomechatronics
• Systems and Synthetic Biology
• Organic Electronics
2005 San Jose, CA, USA J:29
• Humanoid Robots • Pure Water Technologies
• Semiconductor R&D
• Biotechnology: Detection and Destruction of Pathogens
2004 Keihanna, Japan J:29
• Biomedical Instrumentation and Devices
• IT for the Elderly
• Optical Communications
• Hydrogen Energy
2003 Irvine, California, USA J:34
• Large-Scale Civil Systems
• Electrifying the 21st Century
• Systems Biology and the Emerging Discipline of Biological Engineering
• Multimedia Networking
2002 Tokyo, Japan J:32
• Bioengineering
• Synthesis and Applications of Nanomaterials
• Sustainable Manufacturing • Pervasive Computing
2000 Nara, Japan J:33
• Earthquake Engineering
• Design and Integration of Functional Inorganic Material
• Manufacturing • Biotechnology

J: Number of Japanese Participants A: Number of American Participants

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