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Department of Strategic Planning and Management
tel +81-3-5214-7647
fax +81-3-5214-8412
Department of General Affairs
tel +81-48-226-5601
fax +81-48-226-5651
Department of Personnel
tel +81-48-226-5603
fax +81-48-226-5651
Department of Financial Affairs
tel +81-48-226-5610
fax +81-48-226-5652
Department of Contract
tel +81-3-5214-8284
fax +81-3-5214-8084
Office of Audit
tel +81-48-226-5611
fax +81-48-226-5652
Department of Management Information Systems
tel +81-3-5214-8421
fax +81-50-3730-1871
Global Activities
Department of International Affairs
tel +81-3-5214-7375
fax +81-3-5214-7379
CRCC / Planning and Management
tel +81-3-5214-7556
fax +81-3-5214-8445
Department of Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science
tel +81-3-5214-0095
fax +81-3-5214-8445
Strategic Basic Research Programs
Department of Innovation Research
tel +81-3-3512-3520
fax +81-3-3222-2066
    tel +81-3-3512-3531
    fax +81-3-3222-2066
    E-mail: crestjst.go.jp
  • PRESTO (Sakigake)
    tel +81-3-3512-3525
    fax +81-3-3222-2066
    E-mail: prestojst.go.jp
  • ACT-I
    tel +81-3-3512-3525
    E-mail: act-ijst.go.jp
    tel +81-3-6380-9130
    fax +81-3-3222-2066
    E-mail: suishinfjst.go.jp
Department of Research Project
tel +81-3-3512-3528
fax +81-3-3222-2068
Department of Green Innovation
tel +81-3-3512-3543
fax +81-3-3512-3533
RISTEX / Planning and Management Office
tel +81-3-5214-0130
fax +81-3-5214-0140
Research and Development Programs Focused on Technology Transfer
Department of Industrial-Academic Collaboration
tel +81-3-5214-8447
Department of Innovation Platform
tel +81-3-6272-4602
Department of Business Innovation Development
tel +81-3-5214-8995
Support for Entrepreneurship Office
tel +81-3-6380-9014
Businesses Related to Cabinet Office
Office for ImPACT
tel +81-3-6380-9012
Programs to Promote the Utilization of University IP
Department of Intellectual Property Management
tel +81-3-5214-8477
fax +81-3-5214-7626
Department of Industrial-Academic Collaboration
tel +81-3-5214-7519
Programs entrusted by MEXT
Department for Science and Technology Program Promotion tel +81-3-5214-7521
Dissemination of Scientific and Technological Information
Department of Databases for Information and Knowledge Infrastructure
E-mail: helpdeskjst.go.jp
National Bioscience Database Center (NBDC)
E-mail: nbdc-kikakujst.go.jp
Department of Information Planning
E-mail: helpdeskjst.go.jp
Promoting Science Education
Department for Promotion of Science Education
E-mail: cpsejst.go.jp
Promoting Science Communication
Center for Science Communication
E-mail: cscjst.go.jp
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
tel +81-3-3570-9151
fax +81-3-3570-9150
Overseas Branch Offices
Overseas Branch Offices