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Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) is one of the core institutions responsible for the implementation of science and technology policy in Japan*1, including the government’s Science and Technology Basic Plan*2. From knowledge creation—the wellspring of innovation—to ensuring that the fruits of research are shared with society and Japan’s citizens, JST undertakes its mission in a comprehensive manner. JST also works to provide a sound infrastructure of science and technology information and raise awareness and understanding of science and technology-related issues in Japan.
Mission: We contribute to the creation of innovation in science and technology as the core implementing agency of the fourth phase of the Science and Technology Basic Plan.
  1. To achieve innovation in science and technology through creative research and development.
  2. To maximize research outcomes by managing research resources on the virtual network.
  3. To develop the nation’s infrastructure for science and technology to accelerate innovation in science and technology.
Priority Areas: Working toward the creation of innovation in science and technology, we will focus on the following areas in accordance with the fourth phase of the national Science and Technology Basic Plan, and effectively create new systems and services by combining various programs.

Green Innovation

Life Innovation

Nanotechnology and Materials

Information and Communications Technology

Science and Technology for Society

*1) science and technology policy in Japan:

For details, please refer to website of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science below,

*2) Science and Technology Basic Plan:

The Science and Technology Basic plan is drawn up based on the Science and Technology Basic Law every five year in Japan. There are two steps to draw up the basic plan. First, Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP) deliberates the basic policy about science and technology. Second, based on that, the government formulates and decides a basic plan. The current basic plan is the 4th one. (FY2011 - FY2015)

Structure of National Science and Technology Policy Administration