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India-Japan celebration of International Women's Day(8th Mar. 2021)

A webinar commemorating International Women’s Day was co-organized by JST headquarters, the Embassy of India in Tokyo and India’s Department of Science and Technology (DST), with words from JST’s president, the Ambassador of India to Japan, and the secretary of DST. The webinar showed our organizations’ joint commitment to promoting women in STI and strengthening our cooperation in this important field.

SSHP Online University Visit - Tokyo Institute of Technology (5th Dec. 2020)

The JST India Liaison Office supported the promotion of the SSHP Online University Visit to the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Of over 1,700 participants, from mainly Asian countries, India had the most - around 250. We hope the participation of young Indian science students will deepen the relationship between our countries.

Bengaluru Tech Summit (21st Nov. 2020)

The JST India Liaison Officer and three Japanese Principal Investigators of the Collaboration Hubs for International Research Program (CHIRP) with India
participated in the Bengaluru Tech Summit - the biggest innovation event in India - and promoted their joint research with India. 25 countries, 146 start-ups, 248 exhibitors, 8,507 business delegates and 19,000 business visitors participated in the event. These three joint research projects with India will hopefully create networks that lead to the practical implementation of research results.