Infrastructure Maintenance, Renovation and Management

Last updated: March 21, 2017

List of Research and Development Teams
-Infrastructure Maintenance, Renovation and Management-

Inspection, Monitoring and Diagnostics Technologies

No. Research and Development Theme Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
1 Interdisciplinary R&D of NDE Techniques for Innovative Maintenance(PDF:939KB) Masahiro Ishida
(Public Works Research Institute)
2 Development of the Laser Ultrasonic Visualization Technology for the Degradation Diagnosis of Steel Bridges (PDF:1,433KB) Junji Takatsubo
(Tsukuba Technology Co., Ltd.)
3 Ultrasensitive Magnetic Nondestructive Testing for Deterioration Evaluation and Creating a Preservation Plan of Infrastructures(PDF:814KB) Keiji Tsukada
(Okayama University)
4 R&D of Laser Directive Noncontact Diagnosis System for Maintaining Degraded Infrastructures(PDF:986KB) Katsumi Midorikawa
5 Development of Automatic Technology on Pavement & Embankment Survey and Evaluation(PDF:943KB) Atsushi Yashima
(Gifu University)
6 Non-destructive Inspection of Rebar Corrosion in Concrete(PDF:945KB) Kenji Ikushima
(Tokyo University of A&T)
7 R&D of Backscatter X-ray Imaging System for Concrete Inspection(PDF:818KB) Hiroyuki Toyokawa
8 R&D of Vibration Imaging Radar(PDF:945KB) Hitoshi Nohmi
(Alouette Technology Inc.)
9 Inner Defects Inspection for Tunnel Lining using Rapidly Scannable Non-contact Radar and Synthetic Soundness Diagnosis System(PDF:864KB) Toru Yasuda
(Pacific Consultants Co.,Ltd.)
10 Remote Sensing of Concrete Structure with the High-Sensitive Near-infrared Spectroscopy(PDF:1,101KB) Kazuhiro Tsuno
(Shutoko Engineering Co., Ltd.)
11 R&D of Learning-Type Hammering Echo Analysis Technology(PDF:913KB) Masahiro Murakawa
12 Inspection and Diagnosis System of Port Structure Using Radio Controlled Boat(PDF:929KB) Tetsuya Ogasawara
(Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.)
13 Development of the Special GPR Including a Chirp Radar in the Survey of a Cavity and a Settlement of the Back-fill Material(PDF:776KB) Shigeji Yamada
(KAWASAKI Geological Engineering Co., Ltd.)
14 Development of the Monitoring System for Port Facilities using Satellite and SONAR(PDF:1,292B) Takeshi Nishihata
(Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. )
15 Monitoring by using Ground-Base Synthetic Aperture Radar and Array-type Ground Penetrating Radar(PDF:965KB) Motoyuki Sato
(Tohoku University)
16 Monitoring System for a Round of Airport Paved Road Inspection, Utilizing a Technique for Detecting Cracks Automatically from High-resolution Images(PDF:725KB) Toru Hara
(Alpha Product Co., Ltd.)
17 R&D of the Crack Detection System for Runways with a 3D Camera and all Direction-moving Robot(PDF:789KB) Yasuo Kimura
(NTT Advanced Technology Corp.)
18 R&D of a Simplified System for Monitoring the Airport Pavement Surfaces Using Maintenance Vehicles(PDF:1,343KB) Yusho Ishikawa
(The University of Tokyo)
19 Development of Wide Area Displacement Monitoring for Early Detection of Deformation or Damage of Civil Engineering Structures using Satellite SAR(PDF:737KB) Masafumi Kondo
(National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management)
20 Understanding the Scouring Situation by ALB (Airborne Laser Bathymetry)(PDF:1,471KB) Hiroaki Sakashita
(PASCO Corp.)
21 R&D of Monitoring System for Bridge Performance Assessment Based on Vibration Mode Analysis(PDF:1,011KB) Tadao Kawai
(Osaka City University)
22 Creation of Monitoring System using Equipment with Robotic Camera and etc. for Bridge Inspection(PDF:1,175KB) Yasuhisa Fujiwara
(Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.)
23 R&D of Quantitative Evaluation System of Cracks on Distant Slabs by Digital Image Analysis Technology(PDF:977KB) Kenichi Horiguchi
(Taisei Corp.)
24 Field Validation of the Continuous Remote Monitoring System with Power saving Wireless Sensor(PDF:1,442KB) Hideshi Nishida
(Omron Social Solutions Co., Ltd.)
25 R&D of the Technology which Monitors the Displacement Rate of an Artificial Structure with High Accuracy and Efficiency(PDF:1,157KB) Minoru Murata
(NEC Corp.)
26 R&D of Monitoring System for Detecting Surface Failure by pore Pressure Sensor with Inclinometer(PDF:1,020KB) Yasunori Shoji
(OYO Corp.)
27 R&D of Early Warning Monitoring System of Slope Failure using Multi-point Tilt Change and Volumetric Water Content(PDF:1,147KB) Lin Wang
(Chuo Kaihatsu Corp.)
28 Mole (Small Animals) Hole Detection System Attached to Large Weeding Machine(PDF:1,148B) Kiyoshi Suzuki
(Aero Asahi Corp.)
29 Electric Resistivity Monitoring System for the State of Water Contents in River Levee (PDF:1,523KB) Hideki Saito
(OYO Corp.)
30 R&D of Monitoring System Including a Detection of River Levee Deformation(PDF:1,361KB) Shunsuke Sako
(Japan Institute of Country-ology and Engineering, General Incorporated Foundation)
31 Effective Use of Satellite SAR Observation for River Embankment(PDF:1,169KB) Takeshi Katayama
(Infrastructure Development Institute)
32 Monitoring System for Internal State of River Levee utilizing Geophysical Exploration and Ground Water Observation(PDF:1,523KB) Akira Shinsei
(OYO Corp.)
33 Improvement for More Advanced and Efficient Road Structure Maintenance using Monitoring Technology(PDF:1,094KB) Atsushi Homma
(Research Association for Infrastructure Monitoring System)
34 Maintenance and Management of Social Infrastructure utilizing IT (Inspections, Diagnosis) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

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Structural Materials, Deterioration Mechanisms, Repairs, and Reinforcement Technologies

No. Research and Development Theme Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
35 Deterioration Mechanism of Infrastructures and Materials Technology for Efficient Maintenance(PDF:1,369B) Koichi Tsuchiya
36 Developing Hybrid Mechanoluminescence Materials for Visualization of Structural Health(PDF:1,098KB) Chao-Nan Xu
37 Technology of Repairing the Corrosion Damage and Deterioration to Steel Structures using Newly Developed Flame Coating Material (PDF:826B) Kenji Higashi
(Osaka Prefecture University)
38 Precast Practical Application of PCa with Super-High Durability Concrete(PDF:1,262KB) Toshiki Ayano
(Okayama University)

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Information and Communications Technologies

No. Research and Development Theme Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
39 Research, Development, and Social Implementation of Screening Technologies on Pavement and Bridges based on Large-scale Sensor Information Fusion toward Preventive Maintenance of Infrastructure(PDF:1,235KB) Masataka Ieiri
(JIP Techno Science Co., Inc.)
40 R&D on Technologies for Collecting, Transmitting, and Processing Sensing Data of Civil Infrastructures (Underground Structures)(PDF:662KB) Shuichi Yoshino
41 R&D of Integrated Data Management Platform for Civil Infrastructure Sensing(PDF:957KB) Jun Adachi
(National Institute of Informatics)
42 Development of Technologies on Wide Variety of Data Processing, Storage, Analysis and Application to Achieve Advanced Infrastructure Management(PDF:1,027KB) Isao Ueda
(East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.)
43 R&D on Data Store/Management/Utlization Technologies for a Variety of Data Relating to Maintenance and Replacement of Civil Infrastructures Toshihiro Kujirai
(Hitachi, Ltd.)

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Robotics Technologies

No. Research and Development Theme Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
44 Development of Infrastructure Inspection System using Semi-autonomous Multi-copter equipped with Flexible Electrostatic Adhesive Device.(PDF:852KB) Tadahiro Hasegawa
(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
45 R&D of Diagnostic Technology Based on Measurement and Analysis by Multi-copter(PDF:748KB) Toshio Fukuda
(Meijo University)
46 Development of Intuitive Teleoperation Robot using the Human Measurement(PDF:820KB) Shigeki Sugano
(Waseda University)
47 Development of Bridge Inspection Robot System Supported by the Provisional and Flexible Scaffolding Structure(PDF:917KB) Shigeo Hirose
(HiBot Corp.)
48 R&D of Flying Robot for Bridge/Tunnel Inspection(PDF:717KB) Toshihiro Nishizawa
(NEC Corp.)
49 R&D of the Variable Guide Frame Vehicle for Inspection of Tunnel(PDF:826KB) Satoru Nakamura
(Tokyu Construction)
50 Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Observing and Hammering Aged Bridges at Short Range(PDF:750KB) Kazunori Ohno
(Tohoku University)
51 R&D of a Multicopter-based Inspection Robotic System with Visual Observation and Hammering Test Devices(PDF:879KB) Hideki Wada
(Shinnippon Nondestructive Inspection Co.,Ltd.)
52 Development of a Bridge Inspection Support Robot System that uses Proximity-images with Geotag and a Two-wheeled Flying Robot(PDF:931KB) Naoyuki Sawasaki
(Fujitsu Ltd.)
53 New Development of Unmanned Construction ~Realization of Remote Operated Working System in Shallow Water Area~(PDF:1,242KB) Shin'ichi Yuta
(New Unmanned Construction Technology Research Association)
54 Research and Development of Infrastructure Structures and Inspection Devices for Advanced Inspection of Civil Infrastructure(PDF:948KB) Kenichi Fujino
(Public Works Research Institute)
55 Research and Development Concerning Mechanized Mobile Object Inspection Methods and Structure Forms that Aim to Save Energy and Improve Accuracy of Inspection * Changed to Joint Research with the Public Works Research Institute
56 Establish an Unification System of Robotics Information for Civil Infrastructure(PDF:780KB) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

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Asset Management Technologies

No. Research and Development Theme Principal Investigator (Affiliation)
57 Global R&D on the Management Cycle of Road Infrastructures(PDF:925KB) Koichi Maekawa
(The University of Tokyo)
58 Resolution of Early-aged Deterioration Mechanism & Development of Total Management System Based on Evaluation for Material and Structure Quality Performance(PDF:1,057KB) Kazuyuki Torii
(Kanazawa University)
59 Development of Life-cycle Management System for Port and Harbour Facilities - Integrated Framework from Inspection to Assessment (PDF:819KB) Ema Kato
(National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology)
60 R&D of Development of Strategic Asset Management Technologies for Trunk Agricultural Water Facilities(PDF:789KB) Isamu Nakajima
(National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)

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