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List of R&D Projects and Units

About Research Domains

List of R&D Projects and Units

Development of Polymers and CFRPCo-Directors of Research Domain: Takeda (UTokyo) / Iwahori (JAXA)

No. R&D Project Research Unit Unit Leader
A01 Development of High Production Rate CFRP for Aircraft and Quality Assurance Technology Thermoplastic Polymers and CFRTP Masahiro Arai (Nagoya U.)
Katsuyoshi Moriya (IHI)
A02 Smart Manufacturing of OoA CFRP Kenichi Yoshioka (TORAY)
A03 High Temperature CFRP and Validation Yuichi Ishida (JAXA)
Katsuyoshi Moriya (IHI)
A04 Process Monitoring / Modeling for Quality Assurance Nobuo Takeda (UTokyo)
Yutaka Iwahori (JAXA)
A11 Managers: Takeda (UTokyo) / Iwahori (JAXA) High-rate Production / High Toughness CFRP Toshio Abe (MHI)
A10 Development of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics Derived from Plant Biomass Kazuaki Ninomiya (Kanazawa U.)

Development of Heat Resistant Alloys and Intermetallic CompoundsCo-Directors of Research Domain: Mitarai (NIMS) / Fujita (J-Forge)

No. R&D Project Research Unit Unit Leader
B21 Process Innovation for Super Heat-resistant Metals Development of Innovative Forging Process Technology and Construction of Material / Process Database with the Largescale and Precise Forging Simulator Yoko Mitarai (NIMS)
Yoichi Fujita (J-Forge)
B22 Development of Innovative Production Technology Utilizing Laser Metal Deposition for Aero Engine Components Kenichiroh Igashira (KHI)
Yoko Mitarai (NIMS)
B23 Development of Metal Injection Molding Process Technique for Aero Engine Components Hideshi Miura (Kyushu U.)
Hiroshi Kuroki (IHI)
B24 Managers: Mitarai (NIMS) / Fujita (J-Forge) Development of Basic Technology for Innovative Forging Process Tomonori Kitashima (NIMS)
B26 Development of Practical Forming Process Technology for High Strength
Ni-Based Wrought Disk Alloys
Shinya Imano (MHPS)
B29 Innovative Design and Production Technology of Novel TiAl Alloys for Jet-engine Applications Design Principle of Microstructure and Processing for Innovative TiAl Alloys Masao Takeyama (TIT)
B30 Development of New Manufacturing Process for High Quality and Low-cost TiAl Ingot Koichi Sakamoto
(Kobe Steel)
B31 Managers: Takeyama (TIT) / Takahashi (IHI) Development of Innovative Manufacturing Process for TiAl Blade Satoshi Takahashi (IHI)
B32 Development of Manufacturing Technique for TiAl Turbine blade with Oriented Lamellae Hiroyuki Yasuda (Osaka U.)

Development of Ceramic Matrix CompositesCo-Directors of Research Domain: Takata (JFCC) / Imanari (IHI)

No. R&D Project Research Unit Unit Leader
C41 Structural Optimization and Reliability Improvement of Ceramic Environmental Barrier Coatings Development of Environmental Barrier Coatings (EBC) Technology Satoshi Kitaoka (JFCC)
Hideki Kakisawa (NIMS)
C42 Development of Fiber Coating Materials Takeshi Nakamura (IHI)
Ken Goto (JAXA)
C46 Managers:
Takata (JFCC) / Imanari (IHI)
Development of Advanced Melt Infiltration for Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) Yutaka Kagawa (TUT)
Akira Fukushima (MHIAEL)
C45 Development of Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites Masanori Ushida (MHIAEL)

Materials Integration (MI)Co-Directors of Research Domain: Koseki (UTokyo) / Enoki (UTokyo)

Category No. R&D Project Research Unit Unit Leader
Metal MI D61 Materials Integration Development of Microstructure Prediction System Toshihiko Koseki (UTokyo)
D62 Development of Performance Prediction System Manabu Enoki (UTokyo)
D63 Development of a System for Data Assimilation and Machine Learning Junya Inoue (UTokyo)
D64 Managers:
Koseki (UTokyo) / Watanabe (NIMS)
Development of Materials Integration System Makoto Watanabe (NIMS)
D65 Development of Simulation Technique for Performance Assurance of Weld Joints Akio Hirose (Osaka U.)
D67 Fundamental Research Focusing on Interface for overcoming Unsolved issues in Structural Materials Kaneaki Tsuzaki (Kyushu U.)
Innovative Measurement D66 Innovative Measurement and Analysis for Structural Materials Masataka Ohkubo (AIST)
Ceramics Coating MI D68 Development of Simulation for Mass Transfer at High Temperature and Time Dependent Behavior of Microstructure Hideaki Matsubara (Tohoku U.)
D69 Development of Computational Tools to Predict Time Dependent Phenomena in Structural Materials Tetsuo Mohri (Tohoku U.)
D73 Establishment of Domestic Technology Base for Computational Thermodynamics for Development of Advanced Structural Materials Kazuhisa Shobu (AIST)
Engineering Polymers MI D70 Development of Prediction Tools for Long-term Properties of High Performance Engineering Plastics Takashi Kuriyama (Yamagata U.)
D71 Development of Practical Optimal Design and Comprehensive Evaluation Support Tool for Advanced Structural Polymer Materials Shin-etsu Fujimoto (Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical)
D72 Mathematical Approach Toward Materials Integration and its Applications Yasumasa Nishiura (Tohoku U.)
D74 Performance Prediction for Polymers by Nonlinear Analysis Kazuyuki Shizawa (Keio U.)
D75 Atomic / Molecular-level Approaches for Designing Novel Polymeric Materials Takefumi Yamashita (UTokyo)