Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program(SIP)


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About SIP- SM4I

Program Director’s Greeting

Program Director
SIP Structural Materials for Innovation
Professor Emeritus
The University of Tokyo
Advisor Emeritus
National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

Japanese economic and industrial competitiveness. Notably, the Program is based on close foresighted cooperation among industry, academia and government agencies, and covers a wide spectrum of projects ranging from basic research to practical application and commercialization.

One of the major subjects covered by SIP is “Structural Materials for Innovation (SM4I)”, which promotes research and development in four domains, mainly for the components of aircraft engines and airframes.

This SIP was launched in FY 2014 and has entered the final year, leaving one more year before it ends.

In the case of "Structural Materials for Innovation", it is essential to establish an exit strategy which enables Japanese industry to play a part in the global aircraft industry that is currently dominated by the United States and Europe, and to continue research and development even after SIP has finished.

To achieve this and enable companies to lead research and development with a view to commercialization, we have introduced the “co-leader system”, by assigning two leaders in each level of research group, including representatives from companies. We have been promoting the strategy for intellectual properties and the establishment of the center of excellence concurrently, aiming at the industrial applications.

Furthermore, in response to industrial trends, we have also launched a new R&D unit on the processing technology of ceramic matrix composites (CMC).

In FY 2017, an interim assessment was conducted by the Governing Board of the Cabinet Office and we received a very high evaluation thanks to everyone’s support and cooperation. I am grateful for all your support to-date and appreciate your continued encouragement as we continue to push forward until the end.

About SIP- SM4I

About SIP