Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program(SIP)

About SIP SM4I

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About SIP- SM4I


Program Director (PD)
Teruo Kishi (Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo)
Deputy PD
Chiaki Tanaka (Advisor, Toray Industries, Inc)
Yasuo Kitaoka (Professor, Osaka University)
Administrative Organization
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
R&D Domains
(A) Polymers and CFRP
(B) Heat Resistant Alloys and Intermetallic Compounds
(C) Ceramic Matrix Composites
(D) Materials Integration
Participating Organizations (as of April FY2018)
71 in total
- 26 companies, 36 universities, 9 public (non-profit) institutions
Implementation Period
FY2014 – FY2018
Annual Budget
3.4 billion JPY for FY2018

Framework for Structural Materials Research Supported by the Japanese Government

The Cabinet Office (CAO), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) complement each other and support comprehensive and nationwide structural materials R&D.

  • ※1 Elements Strategy Initiative for Structural Materials, MEXT
  • ※2 Innovative Structural Materials Association (ISMA), 2014~, NEDO-METI)

Establishment of Centers of Excellence, International Collaboration and Capacity Building

Researcher Network based around centers of excellence at each R&D domain has been establishing domestically and internationally so that the materials R&D in Japan will be developing sustainably even after the SIP-SM4I project has finished.

On this basis, we are promoting the utilization of advanced Nano-Scale Characterization technology for a breakthrough in the unresolved issues, the capacity building for young researchers and international collaboration by cooperation of WMRIF*.

Required Functions for Research Centers

  • Core Competence: Original technologies and facilities not found in other places and its share
  • Forging Simulator (1,500 tones), MI System, Composite Materials Evaluation Technology, Ceramic Coating Technology and so on.
  • Industry-Academia-Government Research and Promote Collaboration
  • Support for researcher network (portal site etc.)
  • Organization of symposia and workshop
  • Strategy and management of intellectual property, survey and benchmarking
  • Organization of capacity building programs
  • Organization of international collaboration

WMRIF: World Materials Research Institutes Forum
It has developed to promote networking, research collaboration, capacity building and benchmarking among the materials research institutes in the world since the first meeting, in which 15 directors of national materials research institutes from 8 countries participated, was organized by NIMS in 2005. Currently it has 50 institutes from 21 countries.

Program Director’s Greeting

About SIP