Activity in this focus area finished on March 31, 2016.

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R&D Prijects

Locations noted on the map are the sites of the main communities in the research and development projects.

Category I

Projects whose goal is to provide options for resolving social problems (the approach to R&D, organization of indicators, etc. for scientific evaluation)

1 Development of an area diagnosis tool for promoting home medical care
Hideki OTA (Chief Director, Medical Corporation ASMss)
Final Report Summary
2 Development of a new “Index of Competence” reflecting improved health status of the elderly
Takao SUZUKI (Director, Research Institute National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology)
Final Report Summary
3 Promoting Public Consciousness of Decision-making on Elderly Care
Tetsuro SHIMIZU(Professor,Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology,The University of Tokyo)
Final Report Summary
3 Health Care Decision-making Support for People with Dementia in Japan
Jin NARUMOTO (Associate Professor,Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine)
Final Report Summary

Category II

Projects whose goal is to go all the way to experimental proof of specific technologies, methods etc. to help resolve social problems

3 Aging in Place with ICT
Akiko OGAWA (Professor, Iwate Prefectural University)
Final Report Summary
4 Senior citizens’ new career model in the community
Tetsuo TSUJI (Professor, Institute of Gerontology, the University of Tokyo)
Final Report Summary
5 Expanding social capital in a community by utilizing assistive technology for walking
Minako NAKABAYASHI (Associate Professor, Graduate school of Medical and Pharmaceutical Science for Research, Toyama University)
Final Report Summary
6 Community design for temporal housing sites in the tsunami stricken area
Junichiro OKATA (Professor, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)
Final Report Summary
7 Development of a community-based comprehensive system for prevention of frailty in late life
Shoji SHINKAI (Leader, Research Team for Social Participation and Community Health,Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology)
Final Report Summary
8 Innovations in age-friendly farming
Shingo TERAOKA (Associate Professor, NARA Women's University)
Final Report Summary
9 Founding the Center for Usability and Aging Research (CUAR) with senior citizens
Etsuko T. HARADA (Professor, Institute of Psychology, University of Tsukuba)
Final Report Summary
12 Housing and Healthy Aging
Toshiharu IKAGA(Professor,Keio University)
Final Report Summary
13 Network Community for Refugees Dispersed in a Wide Area
Shigeru SATOH(Professor,Waseda University)
Final Report Summary
14 Community Design for Preventing Dementia
Hiroyuki SHIMADA(Chief,National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology)
Final Report Summary
15 Community Design by Functional Integration for 2030
Takeo OGAWA(Specific Non-Profit Organization Asian Aging Business Center,President)
Final Report Summary

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