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Fundamental Technologies for Medicine Concerning the Generation and Regulation of Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells

Research Supervisor
Toshio Suda
Professor, Keio University
Year Started


The objective of this research area is to establish fundamental technologies contributing to advanced medicine through the development of cellular reprogramming technology. Remarkable progress has been made in this field recently, especially the generation of iPS cells. The research objectives include the advancement and simplification of this technology, the elucidation of pathological mechanisms through the development of model cells, the formulation of new therapy strategies, and novel methods for the early discovery of diseases.
Specifically, included is research on cellular reprogramming and differentiation mechanisms using genomics, chromosome structure and epigenetic analysis; research on gene transfer regulation; high-throughput screening of reprogramming-inducing compounds; and research using iPS cells generated from patients with congenital diseases for the elucidation of pathological mechanisms. Moreover, the research also covers an area that may lead to the pioneering of new therapy methods and preventive medicine through the integration of stem cell research and pathological studies.

Strategic Sector

Creation of Innovative Basic Medical Technologies by Stem Cell Manufacturing and Control Based on Cell Reprogramming

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