A Novel and Effi cient Method of Cellular Reprogramming using Human Artifi cial Chromosomes (HACs).

Research Project Outline

Generating iPS cells from patient’s somatic cell will become one of the most important techniques for future regenerative medicine. To overcome several issues of a current method of iPS generation, which utilizes viral vectors for transgene de-livery, we will attempt to develop a new method using next-generation human artifi cial chromosomes (HACs). Further, we will extend our research based on novel insights into the in-terplay between reprogramming factors and their nuclear import/export receptors. By regulating the environment of nucleo-cytoplasmic molecular transport, we will try to further increase the effi ciency of cellular reprogramming.

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Professor, Osaka University
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Fundamental Technologies for Medicine Concerning the Generation and Regulation of Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells
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