Invention of Devices for Elevating Security Level of iPS Cells Through Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of iPS Cell Generation

Research Project Outline

iPS cells have many advantageous characteristics compared to ES cells such as avoidance of ethic issue and immune-rejection problem. However, iPS cells have apparently one major drawback about the safety issue compared to ES cells for the potential source of regenerating medicine. In our labo-ratory, we will perform experiments to lower the risk of iPS cells including trial for generating iPS cells with integration-defective lentivirus. We will also try to elucidate the molecular bases of iPS cell generation in order to obtain clues to elevate safety level of the cells.

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Professor, Saitama Medical University
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Fundamental Technologies for Medicine Concerning the Generation and Regulation of Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells
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