Japan-Germany Workshop on "Nanoelectronics"

DRAFT - VERSION JST-DFG Workshop on Nanoelectronics 5 -7 March 2008 in Aachen
Date: 5th-7th, March, 2008
Place: RWTH Aachen University

Sponsor: JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency)

DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)

Prof. Dr. M. Morgenstern, RWTH Aachen
Prof. Dr. R. Waser, RWTH Aachen / Forschungszentrum Julich
Prof. Dr. Y.Shiraki, Musashi Institute of Technology

Wednesday, 5th March

9:00 Opening Remarks
- Prof. Matthias Kleiner, President of DFG
- Fumiaki Takahashi, Executive Director of JST
- Prof. Waser, RWTH Aachen / Forschungszentrum Julich
- Prof. Shiraki, Musashi Institute of Technology

9:30 Session 1: Materials and Nanostructures for Spintronics
Chair: C. Schneider, Forschungszentrum Julich
9:30 U. Rudiger (Konstanz University)
Interactions between domain walls and spin-polarized currents
10:00 C. Back (Regensburg University)
Imaging magnetization dynamics
10:30 G. Guntherodt (RWTH Aachen)
Pulsed electrical injection of phase-coherent spin packets into semiconductors
11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 F. Matsukura (Tohoku University)
Electrical control of magnetism in semiconductors
12:00 T. Machida (The University of Tokyo)
Spin transport through a single quantum dot with ferromagnetic electrodes and coherent control of nuclear spins in quantum Hall systems
12:30 H. Takayanagi (Tokyo University of Science)
Spin-polarized transport in ferromagnetic semiconductor / diffusive semiconductor / superconductor junctions

13:00 Lunch Break

Session 2: Scanned Probe and Molecular Approaches to Nanoelectronics
Chair: M. Morgenstern, RWTH Aachen
14:30 R. Berndt (Kiel University)
STS of single atoms and molecules: From tunnelling to contact
15:00 T. Heinzel (Dusseldorf University)
Scanning probe lithography on semiconductor heterostructures: Technology and applications
15:30 K. Matsumoto (Osaka University)
Quantum transport of carbon nanotubes and bio-sensor applications

16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 Y. Sugimoto (Osaka University)
Single atom identification and manipulation using atomic force microscopy
17:00 Y. Kawano (RIKEN)
Terahertz sensing and imaging based on carbon nanotubes: frequency-selective detection and near-field imaging
17:30 F. Tautz (Forschungszentrum Julich)
Highly ordered molecular adsorbate layers on metal surfaces: Model systems for organic electronics

Thursday, 6th March

Session 3: Metal and Semiconductor Spintronics
Chair: G. Guntherodt, RWTH Aachen
9:30 K. Ploog (PDI Berlin)
Ferromagnetic semiconductors with high Curie temperature and unusual magnetic properties - the case of Gd - doped GaN
10:00 T.Hasegawa (NIMS)
Atomic Switch for New Type of Electronic Devices and Systems.

10:30 coffee break

11:00 H. Munekata (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Study of optical manipulation of ferromagnetism and spin-based photonics
11:30 T. Miyazaki (Tohoku University)
Recent progress in large tunnel magnetoresistance junctions

12:00 lunch break

Session 4: Semiconductor Nanoelectronics / MEMS
Chair: R. Waser, RWTH Aachen / Forschungszentrum Julich
13:30 S. Ludwig (LMU Munchen)
From equilibrium - to non-equilibrium interaction in coupled quantum dot devices
14:00 R. Haug (Hannover University)
Coherence and correlations in transport through quantum dots
14:30 O. Schmidt (IFW Dresden)
Self-assembled SiGe islands: From fundamental perception to ultra large scale integration

15:00 coffee break

15:30 A. Toriumi (The University of Tokyo)
On the control of GeO2/Ge and metal/Ge interfaces towards metal source/drain Ge CMOS
16:00 T. Chikyo (NIMS)
Landscape of materials design for future nano-electronics and high-throughput materials exploration
16:30 H. Fujita (The University of Tokyo)
MEMS/NEMS for Nano and Bio Technology

Friday, 7th March

Session 5: Nanophotonics and Related Technology
Chair: D. Grutzmacher, Forschungszentrum Julich
9:00 M. Bayer (Dortmund University)
All optical control of electron spins in quantum dot ensembles
9:30 A. Forchel (Wurzburg University)
Single quantum dots and single photons - light matter interaction effects in micropillar cavities
10:00 K. Busch (Karlsruhe University)
Higher-order methods for simulating light propagation and light- matter interaction in nano-photonic systems
10:30 T. Baba (Yokohama National University)
Recent progress in photonic crystal devices

11:00 coffee break

11:30 M. Gonokami (The University of Tokyo)
Enhanced optical activity in planar chiral nano-gratings
12:00 M. Notomi (NTT)
Control of light by photonic-crystal nanocavities
12:30 M. Grundmann (Leipzig University)
ZnO nanowhiskers: Transport and optical properties

13:00 Closing Remarks
- Prof. Morgenstern, RWTH Aachen

14:00 Lab tour at RWTH Aachen, Forschungszentrum Julich