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The 1st term (2007) Researchers & Research Theme
Akira Sasaki Tatsuo Shibata Michiko Sugawara Takashi Tateno
Atsushi Tero Tatsuya Togashi Takashi Miura Atsushi Mochizuki
Ikuko Motoike Yoshihiro Morishita Atsushi Yamauchi
Atsushi Yamauchi
Professor, Center for Ecological Research,
Kyoto University
URL http://www.ecology.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~a-yama/index.html

Construction of an integrated theory of biodiversity: From genome to ecosystem
In order to understand the mechanisms of biodiversity, we should investigate organisms totally from genome level to ecosystem level, in which the former focus on expression processes of individual phenotypes, the latter involving interactions among organisms. This study aims to construct an integrated theoretical framework of biodiversity research, focusing on two specific subjects, an evolution of intracellular symbiont and a mechanism of multiple-species coexistence.

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