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The 2nd term (2008) Researchers & Research Theme
Shuji Ishihara Hisashi Ohtsuki Daisuke Kiga Michio Kondoh
Akiko Satake Hiroto Shoji Makiko Nonomura Naoki Masuda
Shuhei Mano Takanobu Yamanobe
Shuji Ishihara
Assistant professor, Department of Basic Science, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,
University of Tokyo
URL http://chaos.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~shuji/index.html
Mechanical processes in morphogenesis : from molecules, cells, to tissues
In the developmental process of multi-cellular organism, the morphological deformation of tissues occur in a dynamic manner. Forces inducing these changes are derived from cooperative behaviors of cells, such as stiffening and adhesions, which are further controlled by the activities of molecules in the cells. Adopting fruit fly epithelial tissues as model systems, this study aims to reveal how molecule- and cell-level dynamics bring the mechanical properties of the tissue that is responsible for the morphogenesis.
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