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The 1st term (2007) Researchers & Research Theme
Akira Sasaki Tatsuo Shibata Michiko Sugawara Takashi Tateno
Atsushi Tero Tatsuya Togashi Takashi Miura Atsushi Mochizuki
Ikuko Motoike Yoshihiro Morishita Atsushi Yamauchi
Akira Sasaki
Professor, Department of Evolutionary Study of Biosystems,
The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
URL http://bio-math10.biology.kyushu-u.ac.jp/~sasaki/hpj.html
Coevolutionary dynamics of pathogen epitopes and host immune structure:
Mathematical theory for the projection of epitope evoluton
Fast evolving pathogens like influenza virus and HIV often escape host immune response mounted to currently circulating strains, and also have an ability of developing resistance against antiviral drugs and vaccinations. Projection of evolutionary trends of epitope transitions thus have a primarily importance in public health perspective. Here I develop mathematical models to predict coevolutionary path the pathogen epitope and host immune structure take, on the basis of adaptive landscapes molded by epidemiological dynamics and cross-immunity interaction.
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