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The 1st term (2007) Researchers & Research Theme
Akira Sasaki Tatsuo Shibata Michiko Sugawara Takashi Tateno
Atsushi Tero Tatsuya Togashi Takashi Miura Atsushi Mochizuki
Ikuko Motoike Yoshihiro Morishita Atsushi Yamauchi
Atsushi Mochizuki
Chief Scientist, Theoretical Biology Laboratory
RIKEN Advanced Science Institute
URL http://www.nibb.ac.jp/math/

Mathematical understanding for the relationship between the dynamics of bio-molecules and the structures of regulatory networks
The interactive regulations of bio-molecules, functioning together to create regulatory networks, has been considered to be the origin of many elaborate functions of organisms. For example, cell differentiation is considered to result from different gene activities between cells. The dynamics of gene activity based on the regulatory network generate different gene expression i.e. the different cell types. In this project, I study the relationship between the dynamics of bio-molecules and the topological structures of regulatory networks. The complex networks of bio-molecules will be solved and understood by mathematical analysis.

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