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Research Supervisor and Message
Nanako Shigesada
Professor Emeritus, Nara Women's University
Message from Research Supervisor
Rapid progress in molecular biology in the last quarter of a century, particularly the recent development of techniques of measurement and analysis, has made much information accumulated, and thereby revealed the bases of various biological processes. It has been increasingly realized that theoretical research on the essential aspects of biological processes through modeling, mathematical analysis, and computer simulation in collaboration with empirical research, is going to lead an explosive progress of life science.
From this perspective, this Research Area supports research projects that grasp the essence of the mechanism of biological processes and build an innovative model for the basic principle of its role. Specific candidate targets of research projects can range over a wide variety of scales, such as genes, proteins, cells, tissues, organs, individuals, and populations; and diverse phenomena such as development and morphogenesis, brain and neural systems, behavior, societies, ecology, and evolution.
Each researcher is primarily expected to pursue original and creative researches. On the other hand, we will provide the forum for all the researchers to exchange their own models and results on various biological phenomena. It should be very useful for researchers working on different subjects to learn modeling from each other, which would provide an opportunity of novel and groundbreaking approaches to be discovered.
We would like to encourage participation of researchers with various careers and backgrounds not only in biology, medical and agricultural sciences but also in mathematics, physics, and engineering, who propose research on new subjects or by original methodology.
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