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The 1st term (2007) Researchers & Research Theme
Akira Sasaki Tatsuo Shibata Michiko Sugawara Takashi Tateno
Atsushi Tero Tatsuya Togashi Takashi Miura Atsushi Mochizuki
Ikuko Motoike Yoshihiro Morishita Atsushi Yamauchi
Takashi Miura
Professor, Faculty of Medical Sciences,
Kyushu University
Understanding dynamics of epithelial pattern formation
Our body is covered by sheet-like tissue called epithelium. The epithelium plays essential roles by taking variety of structures, but how the epithelial structures are formed is not well understood. In this study, we model epithelial structure in various ways, and experimentally verify the models to fully understand the mechanism of pattern formation.

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