1st (Year Started 2011)

池田 勝佳

Katsuyoshi Ikeda (Nagoya Institute of Technology University   Professor)

Dressed photon-assisted photochemistry at well-defined interfaces

伊藤 衡平

Kohei Ito (Kyushu Univeristy   Professor)

Experimental exploration of critical mass transport at triple phase boundary in high-pressure water electrolysis

喜多 浩之

Koji Kita (The University of Tokyo   Associate Professor)

Interface Engineering for High Performance SiC MOSFETs with Low On-state Resistance

塩見 淳一郎

Junichiro Shiomi (The University of Tokyo   Associate Professor)

Development of environmentally friendly thermoelectric semiconductor using nanostructure interfaces

柴田 直哉

Naoya Shibata (The University of Tokyo   Associate Professor)

Development of atomic-resolution electromagnetic field imaging electron microscopy for interface analysis

関口 康爾

Koji Sekiguchi (Keio University   Assistant Professor)

Development of Ultra-low Power Consumption Magnon-device

館山 佳尚

Yoshitaka Tateyama (National Institute for Materials Science   Group Leader)

First-principles statistical mechanics on charge transfer and excitation processes at interfaces of solar cells and photocatalysts in operation

宮崎 晃平

Kohei Miyazaki (Kyoto University   Assistant Professor)

Triple-Phase Boundaries of Bifunctional Cathodes for Metal-Air Secondary Batteries

八代 圭司

Keiji Yashiro (Tohoku University   Associate Professor)

Innovative design of electrochemical functional interface for efficient energy conversion systems

保田 諭

Satoshi Yasuda (Hokkaido University   Associate Professor)

Programmable Synthesis of Highly Catalytic Active Site using Molecular Self-assemby

安田 琢麿

Takuma Yasuda (Kyushu Univeristy   Professor)

Development of Organic Electronic Devices Utilizing Mesoscopic Superstructures of Liquid-Crystalline Semiconductors