1st (Year Started 2011) Research Director

川田 達也

Tatsuya Kawada (Professor, Tohoku Univerfsity)

Interface-region engineering of high-temperature electrodes based on in-situ measurements under real operation conditions.

古山 通久

Michihisa Koyama (Professor, Kyushu University)

Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Approach for Designing Materials and Microstructure of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes

陳 明偉

CHEN Mingwei (Professor, Tohoku University)

"Interface science inspired nanoporous composites for next-generation energy devices"

2nd (Year Started 2012) Research Director

安部 武志

Takeshi Abe (Professor, Kyoto University)

Studies on ion transport in porous electrode for high rate performance batteries

早瀬 修二

Shuzi Hayase (Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Simultaneous preparation of bulk-heterojunction interface from soluble inorgenic precursors and application to hybrid solar cells

宮武 健治

Kenji Miyatake (Professor, University of Yamanashi)

Development of triple-phase-boundary using innovative anion conductive polymers and its applications to alkaline fuel cells

山下 晃一

Koichi Yamashita (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Theoretical design of photoinduced phase-interface elementary processes based on computational energy conversion science

3rd (Year Started 2013) Research Director

足立 幸志

Koshi Adachi (Professor, Tohoku University)

Creation of Nanointerface Controlled by Tribochemical Reaction for Mechanical Systems with Super-low Friction

小林 光

Hikaru Kobayashi (Professor, Osaka University)

Achievement of ultra-low reflectivity by interface control method and ultra-high conversion efficiency of crystalline Si solar cells

長尾 忠昭

Tadaaki Nagao (Group Leader, National Institue for Materials Science)

Interface Electromagnetic Field Controlling and Thermal Energy Utilization by Ceramics Heterolayers

圓山 重直

Shigenao Maruyama (Professor, Tohoku University)

Breakthrough on multi-scale interfacial transport phenomena in oceanic methane hydrate reservior and application to large-scale methane production