3rd (Year Started 2013)

荒木 拓人

Takuto Araki (Associate Professor, Yokohama National University)

Study about coupled phenomena of heat and mass transfer with electrochemical reactions and its application for optimal phase boundary designing

井上 元

Gen Inoue (Associate Professor, Kyushu University)

High Efficiency Phase Interface for Electron and Mass Transfer by Structure Design of Carbon and Binder

小野 倫也

Tomoya Ono (Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba)

Computational design of interface structures for high-performance and low-energy-loss electronic devices

狩野 旬

Jun Kano (Associate Professor, Okayama University)

Designed catalysis assisted by metal-ferroelectric interfaces

白澤 徹郎

Tetsuroh Shirasawa (Senior Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Development of a multi-wavelength dispersive surface X-ray diffractometory and its application to time-resolved observation of phase interfaces

長津 雄一郎

Yuichiro Nagatsu (Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Creation of oil-water reactive rheological interface for dramatic enhanced oil recovery

長藤 圭介

Keisuke Nagato (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Design and fabrication of meso-scaled electrode microstructures for optimal transfer of matters and reaction at boundaries.

長野 方星

Hosei Nagano (Professor, Nagoya University)

Innovation in heat transport technology based on thermal-hydraulics analysis of tri-phase interface in micro porous structure

平山 朋子

Tomoko Hirayama (Professor, Doshisha University)

Understanding of Mechanism for Ultra-Low Sliding Friction and Development of Novel Phase Interfaces

松井 雅樹

Masaki Matsui (Associate Professor, Kobe University)

Study of electrode/electrolyte interphase for rechargeable magnesium batteries